jeudi 14 février 2013

Hollande's first 100 days: the swan song of the Welfare State

French author Gaspard Koenig blogs on President Holland's first 100 days in charge and concludes the Socialist leader's policies all stem from a single rigorous point of doctrine: the political will can and should tame, and even replace, intrinsically evil markets.
For a long time I couldn’t fully conceive how Hollande, a bland party apparatchik with zero personal charisma, could have become the President of France, a country quite rightly reputed for its taste for glory and grandiosity. What kind of ruse of history was such a non-event supposed to conceal? I recently read a thoughtful comment from one of his fellow Socialite grandees, Malek Boutih:
“When a journalist asks me who Holland is, I just say: Hollande is the Welfare State! He’s the guy one calls 'le Monsieur’ at the post office… the guy behind the grill – fully disincarnated.”

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